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Poetry Time


"What is a Poem?"


A poem is a rhythm

a poem is a song

very very short

or pages long.


A poem is the magic

of things you cannot see

The color of love, 

 the joy of being free.


A poem can be simple

easy and fun

A drop of spring rain

A beam of the sun.


A poem is a friend

You can bring home to tea

Carry in your pocket,

Share with your family.





Autumn comes;

the air turns cool

Leaves are brightly colored.


See them flying

'round the school

Spiraling ever downward.




Amesti Library

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Welcome to

our Amesti Library!


Take a journey


                into the magical world of books


                     where minds are alive on the shelves!


Here at Amesti we love our reading! 

We love our library books!

Our library is a magical place,

filled with so many amazing books,

computers for A.R. quizzing,

art on the walls, seashells,

a yummy-smelling candle,

and even a stuffed barn owl!


We follow the Accelerated Reader program at our school.

There are many, many awesome books--fiction and non-fiction--that we can check out,

from all the different colored levels.

We take quizzes each week on our books, 

and more and more of us are earning the points we need

to reach our A.R. goals!

At the end of each A.R. goal-setting period we are invited to

a celebration party!




During every visit Ms. Cat, our amazing librarian,

shares a different book with us as we sit on the carpet by the windows.

Her voice is enchanting!

She brings stories to life with her magical expression and joy.

Sometimes she brings her harp or flutes to the library 

to sing and play for us,

or to tell us a story with music.

She even does paper-cutting stories, 

like "Peach Blossom," "The Little Lost Witch,"

and also "Morris the Holiday Mouse."


We all love coming to our Amesti Library!

It is a magical place.


FUN!   FUN!   FUN!

*Library Wonderland Magic*

Our snow queen

Ms. Cat

enchants us

with her harp and stories.

The Snowy Library Princess Cat

Library Calendar

We love to read at Amesti!

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"I cannot live without books."

**Thomas Jefferson**


"A book is like a garden

carried in the pocket."

**Chinese proverb**


"So please, oh please

we beg, we pray,

Go throw your T.V. set away,

And in its place

you can install

A lovely bookshelf

on the wall."

**Roald Dahl**